Milky gelato rippled with multicoloured mini chocolate lentils creating a burst of colour

Available in

PARLOUR LINE - Napoli (4.75L) | Half Napoli (2L) | Raised Napoli

Make them eat the Gelato with their eyes with our parlour line tubs. Whether in standard Napoli (45-50 scoops), raised Napoli (60-70 scoops) or half Napoli (20-25 scoops) our Gelato comes all decorated to give your Gelato display the authentic Italian look.

RETAIL LINE - 150ml | 500ml

No space for a Gelato display cabinet? Not to worry, our retail tubs are suitable for any type of freezer so that your customers will be able to pick up a tub of authentic Italian Gelato to enjoy at their leisure.

Find your local gelato stockist

Our award winning Gelato is stocked at retailers, gelaterias, resturauts, garden centers and many more place across the country. Find your local stockist here...

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