Peeps Pizza

372a Malden Road, Worcester Park, KT4 7NL

Hi, we’re Calan and Lucian, two slightly obsessed pizza chefs who spend our days trying to make the best pizza we possibly can. Our style is a modern Neapolitan pizza, with the main characteristics being a puffy, charred crust, a soft base, and minimal but high quality ingredients.

Having always wanted to start a small pizzeria, Peeps was the next step, a small shop with lots of heart. Our fabulous landlord helped us get started quickly and within a month we were open and slinging out pizza and scooping gelato.

The name Peeps is partly a throwback to my local pizzeria growing up, called People’s Pizza, and partly because I’ve always used the word ‘peeps’ instead of ‘mates’ or ‘friends’. It’s a friendly, family oriented word that I like and embodies the relaxed vibe we’d like in our small pizza shop.


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